The River of Life

Planting Seeds

I have lived in eight different countries on five continents, exploring as many cultures. Since my teenage years, this has exposed me to diverse, often challenging experiences that have helped develop my individuality.

I was gratefully awarded a scholarship to Pearson College (United World Colleges, Vancouver Island). The experience of living for two years in true community with adolescent peers from over 50 nations completely shaped my outlook on life. I consider myself a citizen of our planet.

Post university, I intended to work for a large international organization like the World Bank. This led me to a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. I gradually realized that this was not my true professional direction, so I switched gears and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Attracted to the world of media, I worked for Columbia Pictures International in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Bombay, Sydney, Buenos Aires. The great cultural differences offered the challenge to distribute films in the most appropriate way to the local market. Each move exposed me to a different role and context, generating a new inner transition.

After years as an international nomad, I felt a deep desire to return to my home country of Italy and experience it for the first time as an independent adult, connecting to my roots. As a consultant at Egon Zehnder International, searching for the best candidates for top positions, I explored the relationship between individual attitudes and success in the working world.

Wanting to express myself at my best, I embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure in Central Productions. These were not easy years. Outwardly I was successful, but lacked real inner satisfaction. The focus on maximizing growth and profits clashed with my values of respect and collaboration.

A profound choice

I therefore decided to change course and dedicate myself to the development of human potential, a theme I had been interested in throughout my life. This was a profound life choice and human growth continues to be my guiding star today.

I brought to Italy the trainings of the Avatar path. Over time I became part of the International Trainer team and this allowed me to touch several thousand people in different countries. For a few years I was also in charge of the editorial series Nuovi Delfini, dedicated to personal growth.

Today, for two decades, I have been working as a coach, mentor and learning facilitator with a rainbow of clients ranging from individuals to multinational companies.

My personal belief is that the development of ethics and professionalism go hand in hand. I served as the 2011 President of the International Coach Federation Italian chapter, was a member of the Board for several years, and was later Head of the Ethics Committee.

I do what I do out of passion.

If you don’t like someone’s story
write your own

Chinua Achebe Novelist and poet

Executive Experience

I have experienced firsthand the challenges of pushing the bar higher and higher, so I understand well the realities of senior executives.

After various roles on different continents for Columbia Pictures International in international film distribution, I became General Manager in Argentina. It was a complex joint venture with Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney and Warner Bros – companies often competing elsewhere in the world – with a dominant market position in terms of both market share and product quality. I focused on sharing strategic priorities and streamlining operational processes, reducing complexity and costs.

As Managing Director of Central Productions, a young and creative Italian startup producing TV commercials and video clips, I brought structure and reliability. During my time at the helm, the company achieved a growth rate of 40% annualized, with commensurate operating results.

Penalties are missed
only by those who have
the courage to shoot them

Diego Armando Maradona Football player